residential services

Residential Services

All our residential services are smart, green, innovative and proven money savers!

  • Irrigation Services
  • Pumps, Motors, Wells
  • L.E.D. Landscape Lighting
  • Injection Systems
  • Eco Safe, Pet/Child Safe Mosquito Control

Confidently use Irri-tek, Inc. for all your irrigation services, well and water solutions, landscape lighting, mosquito and pest control, automatic pool fills and other luxuries for your outdoor living spaces. All our residential services are smart, green, innovative and proven money savers!

Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller

Irri-tek is a Certified Rachio Pro

Get the most out of every drop of water – upgrade to a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller to take control of your watering. Rachio automatically customizes
schedules for your yard, while enabling you or your Irri-tek technician to control watering on mobile.

  • Reduce your water bill by up to 50%.
    • Water only when necessary with automatic weather adjustments and smart watering technology.
  • Control from anywhere.
    • Use the mobile app to control your sprinklers or share remote control with your irrigation technician.
  • Smart home integrations and voice control.
    • Control using voice commands with Rachio’s direct integrations (Amazon Alexa, Nest, more).

L.E.D. Landscape Lighting

Using the latest L.E.D. technologies and Wi-Fi controls Irri-tek will create a balance of light between points of interest in the landscape, walk ways and key architectural features on your home or business, providing nighttime beauty and security to the exterior of your property.

Injection Systems

Maximize the use of your sprinkler system. Our injection systems inject rust inhibitors if your well produces high amounts of iron. Fertilizers to keep your grass healthy and green throughout the season. Or an all-natural pet/child safe eco-friendly solution that rids your yard of mosquitos, ticks, rodents and more!