Douglas Savary, Chairman
Cookingham Greene Board of Trustees

“The Irri-tek Inc. company was chosen after several competing bids. We based our decision after an on-site interview. The knowledge Dwight Marchant has far exceeded any other contractor. Many of his competitors could only run the clocks and replace parts, you get the whole package with Dwight. Dwight, owner of Irri-tek showed the most knowledge of irrigation systems from the well to the heads. He has aided us in a pump burn out, re-design of our two well manifolds and controllers. With the changing climate, water tables are no longer a consistence factor and Dwight has re-balanced many times.

The trustees consider Irri-tek as one of our top contractors and would not consider alternatives at this time. I strongly recommend his service, for his knowledge of irrigation systems, pricing of service, cost of parts, and response to emergencies.”

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